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Martin Walker, CTO at Behaviour (A2M) in Montreal speaks to Game Careers

Martin Walker, CTO at Behaviour (formerly A2M) spoke to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at the MIGS in Montreal in November 2010. Martin has been involved in commercial software development in Montreal since the mid 80′s. He has spent most of his career in the multimedia arena, working for companies like Matrox Electronics, Softimage and others. He has been a key player in building tools and environments for video productions including special effects and 3D computer graphics. His venture in the gaming industry has evolved into the creation of A2M’s multiplatform game engine and the elaboration of an optimized production pipeline to produce good quality games fast. This is his advice to those seeking to work in the games industry: “Be prepared to show the stuff that you’ve done and the experience you’ve acquired. Be prepared with the portfolio if you’re an artist or designer or programming examples or projects. Be prepared to answer intricate questions during the interview process. Investigate if you are from abroad, the immigration process, what do you need to do to spearhead the process. It is a bit tedious depending on what type of training you have and the experience you have in trying to immigrate to Quebec.” See the clip that follows:

Thomas Wilson at Quebec's Activision Beenox met with Game Careers

Thomas Wilson, Art Director at Beenox in Quebec City met with David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at the Montreal Interernational Games Summit ( MIGS) in Montreal in November 2010. His advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with his studio is: “Determination is what it takes. It is a competitive industry, sometimes there are only 1 or 2 job openings, if you’re lucky a studio will open up and they’ll be looking for a whole bunch of people. Once and awhile you really have to stand out from the crowd and my recommendation to any student or anyone interested in joining that industry, when you get into your program, don’t just count on the program to give you what you need. Work hard, make sure you find a way to make a statement and standout from all the other guys who are maybe going through the program for the fun of it. You have to standout! If you stand out you might get a chance. Don’t stand out on top of everyone, just stand out for the right reason. It is just a matter of making sure that you spend the energy when you’re studying to develop the strongest portfolio as possible and then you might get a job and start your way into a company. Don’t try to achieve a high rank job; it’s not how it is going to work. You get your foot in the door with an entry level job and then figure out how the industry works and climb the ladder if you have the skills.”

Karen Lee Hall of Heroic Interactive in Toronto met with Women in Games Jobs

Karen Lee Hall is the Founder and Chief Executive at Heroic Interactive based in Toronto, Canada. Heroic Interactive is a digital media and game development company on a mission to produce high-quality, memorable interactive experiences for an audience of all ages. Karen met with David Smith of Women in Games Jobs at Game Connection in Lyon, France in November 2010. Karen gave some advice to women who would be interested in joining the games industry. “My feeling is as with any industry, you’ll get work if you are proficient at the skills required. Obviously, the first stop is to acquire proficiency. If you are a girl, it starts there. If you are at school and you are good or interested in math think about the fact math could turn into a question of making games. If you love games also, the women in this industry who are spokespeople speak about their passion for games, they personally love them. The passion will take you to where you need to go and don’t be shy about stepping in there if someone says ‘Interesting you want to do games’. You just nod and say yes, isn’t it? Don’t let anyone stop you. ”

Martin Carrier VP/ Studio Head at Warner Brothers Montreal met with Game Careers

Martin Carrier, VP/ Studio Head at WB Montreal met with David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at the Montreal International Games Summit ( MIGS) in Montreal in November 2010. Prior to joining WB Games, Carrier served as, Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs at Ubisoft Montreal, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Bluestreak Technology and also worked as a technology industry consultant. His advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with his studio is: “If you want to apply for a job at WB Games, you have got to be persistent and persevere in your process. Make sure you send your CV to That is the start of the process and make sure to follow up on that and let us know you are a great candidate.”

Denis Dyack Founder of games developer Silicon Knights with Game Careers

Denis Dyack is the Founder and President of the Canadian games developer Silicon Knights. Denis started Silicon Knights in 1992 by developing real-time strategy/action hybrids for the PC, Amiga and Atari. Since then, they have focused on developing new ways to make non-linear content in games with an aim to completely engage and immerse players into the game.

At Montreal Game Summit, Denis met with David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection to give his advice on how to get into the games industry and as well as work for Silicon Knights. “I would give this advice for any jobs not just Silicon Knights, go and apply at a place that you like what they make. If you want to make sports games go to EA who make sports games and there are other good place that make sports games. If you want to do creative original work on high quality AAA games, then come to Silicon Knights because that is what we do. If you want to make games like Eternal Darkness, Legacy of Kain, those types of action adventure games, that is what we do. We are known for story and content, if you are interested in these that will get our attention.” Watch this clip for the full interview.

Steve Couture CEO Frima Studio in Quebec City met with Game Careers at MIGS 2010

Steve Couture, CEO Frima Studio in Quebec City, Canada met with David Smith of Game Careersand Interactive Selection at the Montreal International Games Summit ( MIGS) in Montreal in November 2010. His advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with his studio is: “Like everyone probably says, we search for the best talent in the world. We seek passionate people about video games about talent for families and kids. Also at Frima’s Headquarters in Quebec, we search for other different positions with people who have expertise and experience in business intelligence, marketing, and brand management. This is different from what we see with other Quebec based companies that are most of the time bigger companies with marketing efforts done outside Quebec. We need to find the best people to position our brands everywhere in the world. So we need the best people in that specific field. There are positions that are difficult to find in Quebec City.”

AJ Morales and Sandeep Bisla of Longtail Studios, Halifax, Canada with Game Careers .BIZ

AJ Morales and Sandeep Bisla of Longtail Studios met with David Smith of Games Careers.Biz at the Montreal Game Summit. Longtail Studios create games for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and the iPhone/iPod Touch. Sandeep, Technical Director, advice for getting a job at Longtail Studios, “If you can, try to give us demos, portfolios, that kind of thing, we are looking for examples of work. Of course we are looking for people who are passionate about video games. So apart from a technical skill set we are looking for someone who is a good fit. We really encourage people to apply and to be really enthusiastic about games.” AJ, Creative Director also added his thoughts about applying to Longtail, “Really demonstrating a serious passion for games. We are looking to take the medium of gaming to where it is right now and push it further. Talk about not just making games for everyone shovelware but making games for everyone that really raises the benchmark of quality for the medium as a whole. We have a lot of ambition and want people with similar ambitions.”

Craig Morrison EP of Funcom Montreal speaks to Game Careers. BIZ at MIGS 2010

Craig Morrison met with David Smith of Games Careers at the Montreal Game Summit. As the Executive Producer at Funcom, Craig heads up a large team working on the MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Craig advises the following about how to get a job at Funcom, “In practical terms, you can visit the website to see what positions are available. In general terms it is important to stress to people to be passionate about games and work hard. There are lots of people who started like myself in MOD communities or different online teams and working in game as purely for the passion as a hobby. As a volunteer in the MOD community, doing it academically as a student or to learn about games to get a degree will allow you to apply. What we really look for most in applicants is that passionate dedication to the craft and the real desire to improve yourself with everything you do in games.”


Brenda Bailey Gerschkovitch of Silicon Sisters Interactive speaks to Game Careers .BIZ

Two Canadian game industry entrepreneurs have opened a female-owned and operated development studio. Experienced industry names Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and Kirsten Forbes are the two execs spearheading the Vancouver-based Silicon Sisters Interactive. Brenda is the former COO of Deep Fried Entertainment, as well as a member of the GDC Canada’s Advisory Board, and chairs the Vancouver chapter of Women in Games International. David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers. BIZ met Brenda at the MIGS conference in Montreal. Her advice to job seekers looking to work for her company: “Just come to our website at siliconsisters dot ca. There is information on any jobs we have available and just apply through job at We are interested in folks who connect with a female sense. You don’t have to be a woman but be able to think about how girls play games and how you would like to contribute to growing that market.”

THQ Opens Montreal Development Studio with Patrice Désilets as Creative Director

THQ have announced its plans for talented game developer Patrice Désilets to join the company next summer to form a new THQ owned development studio housed within its video game development studio in Montreal, Quebec. “The best way we can deliver fresh, high-quality gaming experiences is by working with the best talent. THQ is delighted to have the opportunity to make a brilliant addition to our team next year with Patrice Désilets,” said Danny Bilson, THQ Executive Vice President, Core Games. “We expect calendar 2011 to be a watershed year for THQ, and adding developers like Patrice helps ensure our focus on new IP and great games charted by leading industry artists.” Désilets previously served as creative director on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, as well as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. THQ has the exclusive option to have Désilets work from the new Montreal studio beginning summer 2011. When he joins the studio, Désilets will be charged with the hiring of a new team that will develop new intellectual properties for THQ. The 39 minute video from the press launch is below: