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Suzanne Boutin and LP Pharand of mega studio Ubisoft Montreal give job tips to Game Careers

Suzanne Boutin, Director of Staffing, and Louis Pierre Pharand, Transmedia Producer on Assassins Creed Movies, from the world’s largest studio Ubisoft, Montreal met with David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at the Montreal Interernational Games Summit ( MIGS) in Montreal in November 2010. Their advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with Ubisoft is: Suzanne: “For any job seeker, I think it is important that people are true to themselves and what they are passionate about and what they can do and start from there. You have to do what you love and the rest will follow. In terms of getting into the game industry, you have to work hard at getting your portfolio and getting out to the events to meet people, networking and just grow that way.”
For LP Pharand: “Do everything to get your chance. That chance might be in an interview, that chance might be like Suzanne explained really well is to go to MGS (Montreal Game Summit), going to places likes that (game conferences) and meeting people who are the professionals. Go and ask questions try to know more about the industry. When doing the networking online where you can connect with professionals where they can help you out. It might be that same person that might be able to give you that chance, and that chance might be an interview. But once you get the chance, it is for you to grasp it and take it and it is your time to shine. You become the salesman of your expertise and it’s that opportunity you need to take.” Ubisoft Montreal is an Interactive Selection client. See the full interview in the clip below.

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