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Martin Walker, CTO at Behaviour (A2M) in Montreal speaks to Game Careers

Martin Walker, CTO at Behaviour (formerly A2M) spoke to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at the MIGS in Montreal in November 2010. Martin has been involved in commercial software development in Montreal since the mid 80′s. He has spent most of his career in the multimedia arena, working for companies like Matrox Electronics, Softimage and others. He has been a key player in building tools and environments for video productions including special effects and 3D computer graphics. His venture in the gaming industry has evolved into the creation of A2M’s multiplatform game engine and the elaboration of an optimized production pipeline to produce good quality games fast. This is his advice to those seeking to work in the games industry: “Be prepared to show the stuff that you’ve done and the experience you’ve acquired. Be prepared with the portfolio if you’re an artist or designer or programming examples or projects. Be prepared to answer intricate questions during the interview process. Investigate if you are from abroad, the immigration process, what do you need to do to spearhead the process. It is a bit tedious depending on what type of training you have and the experience you have in trying to immigrate to Quebec.” See the clip that follows:

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