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Karen Lee Hall of Heroic Interactive in Toronto met with Women in Games Jobs

Karen Lee Hall is the Founder and Chief Executive at Heroic Interactive based in Toronto, Canada. Heroic Interactive is a digital media and game development company on a mission to produce high-quality, memorable interactive experiences for an audience of all ages. Karen met with David Smith of Women in Games Jobs at Game Connection in Lyon, France in November 2010. Karen gave some advice to women who would be interested in joining the games industry. “My feeling is as with any industry, you’ll get work if you are proficient at the skills required. Obviously, the first stop is to acquire proficiency. If you are a girl, it starts there. If you are at school and you are good or interested in math think about the fact math could turn into a question of making games. If you love games also, the women in this industry who are spokespeople speak about their passion for games, they personally love them. The passion will take you to where you need to go and don’t be shy about stepping in there if someone says ‘Interesting you want to do games’. You just nod and say yes, isn’t it? Don’t let anyone stop you. ”

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