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Steve Couture CEO Frima Studio in Quebec City met with Game Careers at MIGS 2010

Steve Couture, CEO Frima Studio in Quebec City, Canada met with David Smith of Game Careersand Interactive Selection at the Montreal International Games Summit ( MIGS) in Montreal in November 2010. His advice for job seekers looking to apply for a job with his studio is: “Like everyone probably says, we search for the best talent in the world. We seek passionate people about video games about talent for families and kids. Also at Frima’s Headquarters in Quebec, we search for other different positions with people who have expertise and experience in business intelligence, marketing, and brand management. This is different from what we see with other Quebec based companies that are most of the time bigger companies with marketing efforts done outside Quebec. We need to find the best people to position our brands everywhere in the world. So we need the best people in that specific field. There are positions that are difficult to find in Quebec City.”

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