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Denis Dyack Founder of games developer Silicon Knights with Game Careers

Denis Dyack is the Founder and President of the Canadian games developer Silicon Knights. Denis started Silicon Knights in 1992 by developing real-time strategy/action hybrids for the PC, Amiga and Atari. Since then, they have focused on developing new ways to make non-linear content in games with an aim to completely engage and immerse players into the game.

At Montreal Game Summit, Denis met with David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection to give his advice on how to get into the games industry and as well as work for Silicon Knights. “I would give this advice for any jobs not just Silicon Knights, go and apply at a place that you like what they make. If you want to make sports games go to EA who make sports games and there are other good place that make sports games. If you want to do creative original work on high quality AAA games, then come to Silicon Knights because that is what we do. If you want to make games like Eternal Darkness, Legacy of Kain, those types of action adventure games, that is what we do. We are known for story and content, if you are interested in these that will get our attention.” Watch this clip for the full interview.

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