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Craig Morrison EP of Funcom Montreal speaks to Game Careers. BIZ at MIGS 2010

Craig Morrison met with David Smith of Games Careers at the Montreal Game Summit. As the Executive Producer at Funcom, Craig heads up a large team working on the MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Craig advises the following about how to get a job at Funcom, “In practical terms, you can visit the website to see what positions are available. In general terms it is important to stress to people to be passionate about games and work hard. There are lots of people who started like myself in MOD communities or different online teams and working in game as purely for the passion as a hobby. As a volunteer in the MOD community, doing it academically as a student or to learn about games to get a degree will allow you to apply. What we really look for most in applicants is that passionate dedication to the craft and the real desire to improve yourself with everything you do in games.”


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