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Brenda Bailey Gerschkovitch of Silicon Sisters Interactive speaks to Game Careers .BIZ

Two Canadian game industry entrepreneurs have opened a female-owned and operated development studio. Experienced industry names Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and Kirsten Forbes are the two execs spearheading the Vancouver-based Silicon Sisters Interactive. Brenda is the former COO of Deep Fried Entertainment, as well as a member of the GDC Canada’s Advisory Board, and chairs the Vancouver chapter of Women in Games International. David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers. BIZ met Brenda at the MIGS conference in Montreal. Her advice to job seekers looking to work for her company: “Just come to our website at siliconsisters dot ca. There is information on any jobs we have available and just apply through job at We are interested in folks who connect with a female sense. You don’t have to be a woman but be able to think about how girls play games and how you would like to contribute to growing that market.”

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