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AJ Morales and Sandeep Bisla of Longtail Studios, Halifax, Canada with Game Careers .BIZ

AJ Morales and Sandeep Bisla of Longtail Studios met with David Smith of Games Careers.Biz at the Montreal Game Summit. Longtail Studios create games for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and the iPhone/iPod Touch. Sandeep, Technical Director, advice for getting a job at Longtail Studios, “If you can, try to give us demos, portfolios, that kind of thing, we are looking for examples of work. Of course we are looking for people who are passionate about video games. So apart from a technical skill set we are looking for someone who is a good fit. We really encourage people to apply and to be really enthusiastic about games.” AJ, Creative Director also added his thoughts about applying to Longtail, “Really demonstrating a serious passion for games. We are looking to take the medium of gaming to where it is right now and push it further. Talk about not just making games for everyone shovelware but making games for everyone that really raises the benchmark of quality for the medium as a whole. We have a lot of ambition and want people with similar ambitions.”

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