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Adam Boyes, former Capcom Product Development head tells all to Game Careers.BIZ

Adam Boyes is originally from Vancouver. He met David Smith from Interactive Selection and Game Careers at the Develop conference in Brighton, UK. He is a 15 year game industry veteran who has specialized in Production and Business Development. He has held positions such as Executive Producer at Midway and most recently he ran the Product Development group at Capcom US. At the helm, he delivered the most successful digital games initiative of the industry. Adam has more recently founded a company, Beefy Media, which specializes in helping developers create identities for their studios and better sell themselves to Publishers. He works with teams from the pitch process through to the Post Mortem to ensure that developers are taking a mature approach to game development, and are taking their initiative seriously. His advice to those seeking a job in video games: “I think getting out there, being persistent obviously, but classy persistence, meeting people, and going to shows like Develop. There are a lot of opportunities around the globe to go to great shows and meet people, engage with them and ask them questions. A lot of guys who are senior in the industry want to answer questions and they want to help and get you placed so you can enjoy the great things they have enjoyed in their careers.”

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